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There is a scene in Tangled where you seen a clip of her art chest for just one second. After reviewing those frames several times we decided to make an art chest inspired by it! All the trims are handmade in our shop, including the brass heart latch.


Each art chest is built to order and the most basic version is $600 (no details or trimmings). The more customization, and details added the more the price goes up.

Almost Rapunzel's Art Chest

Built on demand, available 6 weeks after order is confirmed.
  • We will work with you to create any version you desire. In the version shown the customer had us add the mirror, chalk boards and a sliding tray.

    We can also carve your design into the face board, within limits! Once ordered we will work with you, sending picture and proposals to you until we can settle on a final design. Please realize carving wood has limits for the amount of detail.

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