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At Traditions Workshop, we restore memories. Whether it is great grandpa's trunk from WWII, or Mom's favorite kitchen chair we what to help keep your memories alive. If you want a period correct restoration we know and use the tools and techniques from the time the piece was made to properly restore it. 



Our furniture refinishing service specializes in all handmande and custom work. We offer a wide range of furniture restoration services, from sanding and staining to extensive repairs, ensuring your furniture will be restored to its original beauty. We take pride in our attention to detail and high quality workmanship, so you can trust us to bring your furniture back to life.


Everything including tabletops, chairs, missing parts, mirrors, stained glass, couches, metal work, lamp wiring, fiberglass, boat brightwork, exterior furniture, drawers, chests, leather, copper utensils, and more! We have a wide range of experience and tools for repairing. 


Custom Designs

Our motto is custom projects for custom people. We enjoy working with people to help make their unique vision come to life. Sometimes those projects are smaller in size (but not in heart) like shadow boxes for a retiring pilot. Other times they are big like the bar from Deep Space 9. We're here to build it for you.  

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